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Cameron's greatest opponent - FPTP

There is now a real prospect that the party receiving the most votes in the British general election will receive fewer seats than the party that finishes second, and that it will be unable to form a government. Due to the highly concentrated nature of Labour's support, and the deeply unrepresentative nature of the UK's First Past the Post electoral system, the Tories need to win nearly all of the marginal, closely fought seats that they have targeted. Nothing short of a 1997-style swing from the governing party is needed, which, despite the Gordon Brown's unpopularity, does not appear to be in the offing. Play around with UK Polling Report's swing calculator, which shows just how unfair the electoral system is. Even if the Tories win by four percentage points (say 38% to Labour's 34%), Labour still come out on top.

While Tory opposition to electoral reform is understandable - the Liberal Democrats have little enough in common to work with them making permanent ostracism from government a real possibility - this stance may need to be rethought if current opinion polls turn out to be correct.

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