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I am Barack Obama's friend... on Facebook

The 44th president was victorious in last year's US election because he won over young people. He won over young people in part because he gets Facebook and Twitter. He used these social networking sites to spread a message of change. Now he is sensibly taking advantage of their capacity to gauge opinion. His Facebook discussion forum on US healthcare reform reveals, above all, impatience for Obama to take a stand and fight for free healthcare. Here are what some of the participants are saying:

"Health care should be a right for all. I support the public option. Keep fighting against the lies and hyperbole!"

"I know your trying to help us, dont let the lies and agendas of the insurance companies deter you. i need insurance and i think it is not fair i have to pay 700+ a month for it through an insurance company."

"I have heard there is excellent healthcare in Sweden. Would that system work over here?"

"We should just fix it once and for all and go for nationalize health care"

Obama has proved he is willing to listen - now is the time to lead.

If you have a Facebook account, you can access the discussion by clicking here.

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