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Looking after chickens

I am about to spend my half term housesitting at my brother-in-law's.
I can't wait for that country air, the long walks, the digging up of
salad plants in place of a frantic Sainsbury's shop. And then of
course there are the chickens, which are named after grandparents. We
have been left a comprehensive guide on how to look after them - eggs
for breakfast here we come!

As i look forward to my week away, a question keeps popping into my
head. How many inner city school children have ever seen a live
chicken? A fair few, perhaps. But the fact that no one really knows
should send warning signs about the growing urban / rural divide.

British schools, colleges and universities are good at organising
exchange programmes between students of different countries. Now they
should try to arrange them between students of the same country. One
cannot understand the world if one does not first understand thy

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