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What a difference a day makes

At last, there is a clear difference between the political parties in the UK. Gordon Brown's chancellor has announced a large dose of redistributive politics, introducing a top rate of tax for the rich and increasing personal allowances for the poor. David Cameron has said he will scrap the new tax plans. The era of consensus politics, in ascendancy pretty much since Thatcher left office, is over. This is good for the country. Voters need a choice - now they have one.

Whether the tax changes will boost the economy is another matter. Labour is hoping that decreasing VAT by 2% will encourage people to shop. But this presumes hard up businesses will pass on the reductions. Would it not have been more sensible to physically give consumers the cash, instead of relying on the private sector to do so? If Gordon Brown is to truly separate himself from the muddle of the middle, he should pledge to take all people earning under £15,000 out of the tax system altogether.

What about the children, Darling?

I'm just not sure about her