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No time for an egoist

David Cameron promised he would be a different kind of leader. He would not engage in the “Punch and Judy” show of question time but instead ask serious questions for serious times. But yesterday in Parliament he behaved like a spoilt brat.

Granted, Gordon Brown had evaded his question on the tragic death of Baby P, and how the failings on Haringey Council are to be investigated. But the prime minister legitimately questioned the Tory leader’s apparent urge to find a scapegoat and his call for party politics to be put aside was a reasonable one.

That Cameron became so offended says a lot about the man. Using three of his six questions to demand an apology revealed an egotistical and angry streak that is unbecoming for any aspiring statesman. He was attempting to fix the news cycle, not the problem. We should beware of men like David Cameron.

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