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No more excuses

If Barack Obama can win an election on the promise of tax cuts for the poor (he has said he'll take ten million low income workers out of tax altogether) and tax increases for the rich (essentially scrapping the Bush tax cut that gave $1 trillion to the wealthiest 1%), then why can't centre-left governments in Europe do the same?

This was a fantastic question posed by The Guardian's Polly Toynbee, speaking on the wonderful Politics Weekly podcast. Toynbee is not afraid to call these leaders - including Gordon Brown - for what they truly represent: "spinelessness". If Obama can win over a right of centre country, and even win over the most prosperous Americans while doing so, then Brown can do the same. He should take all those earning under £15,000 out of the tax system. It may not be achieved over night but a commitment to it should be made nonetheless. The evidence from the US is that it wins elections.

Because of that, here I am

Race is not over... but