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I'm just not sure about her

Will Hillary Clinton make a great secretary of state? There's no doubting she'll bring intellect to the post. In her husband and in the Oval Office she'll have two of the brightest minds who are at home with bouncing ideas off people they respect. She is no doubt a formiddable candidate job for arguably the second most important political position in the world. Imagine a Russian or Syrian foreign minister trying to cross her - they'd find it tough. Clinton is a wheeler dealer, an ideal quality for someone who needs to find the right balance between carrot and stick. Indeed it is no secret that this author initially supported her against Obama in the primaries.

And yet, and yet! Something doesn't sit quite right about her likely appointment. Will she be a "change agent"? Her negative campaigning in the primaries revealed a nasty, sinister streak that has always lurked beneath the surface of the Clinton family. Whose agenda will she follow - Obama's, America's or her own? What am I missing here - shouldn't I be excited?

What a difference a day makes

Great expectations