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Saving democracy at the back of the bus

It has been a while since this blog has been updated. I decided to wait until technology caught up a little. Isn't it amazing that we can sit on a bus and write a blog on US elections using a phone? How useful then simply to click on a button and post the blog in Facebook. This is the unshakable reality that all politicians have to contend with: how do they persuade opinion formers, when opinion formers are no longer solely to be found within the inner Fleet Street clique, but all of us? Who would have thought that democracy's best hope lies not in Parliamentary debate but in cyber space. I can call Gordon Brown a prat if I want to - I couldn't do that in newspapers or on TV. And I'd probably be thrown out of parliament. But on this blog I am master of my own thought and expression, whether at work, at home, or stuck in traffic as I am now.

This historic night