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The perfect running mate

All the talk is of an Obama-Clinton 1-2. Some say this will deliver the Democratic base to the Illinois Senator – those older, whiter and poorer voters who fear losing their jobs. Others believe that Hillary comes with too much baggage. They call for Obama to opt for a swing state Governor, such as New Mexico’s Bill Richardson, an Hispanic who would also bring in crucial Latino votes.

Both views have merit. Both are wrong. There is a man who has the experience that Clinton has. There is a man who would secure the party base. And there is a man who would further Obama’s claim to be an agent of change, a claim Clinton would almost certainly dilute.

That man’s name is Al Gore. Republicans may cry foul – this man has served two terms as Vice President before. Yet there is nothing in the constitution that can legally prevent a vice president from serving a third term. Any such disputes may play well into Obama’s hands – it could remind the party faithful about the stolen election of 2000 and encourage them to avoid a similar thing occurring in 2008. Imagine the Vice presidential debates – an international heavyweight respected throughout the world would surely crush any unknown that McCain would run with. McCain’s green credentials would also be exposed for the sham that they are. Why support a Republican when you could have Mr Inconvenient Truth himself?

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