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The ones to watch

Pollster John Zogby has some telling comments to make about the presidential election. There are a far greater number of swing states in play than in 2004. From New Mexico to Colarado to Virginia, once solid Republican states are trending Democrat. Part of this can be explained by the influx of the "creative classes" - those more liberal thinking middle income earners who have left California and New York to take jobs in different states. In doing so, they have diluted the once conservative outlook of these areas. Another factor is undoubtedly Obama's appeal, coupled with his successful courting of independent voters.

All this bodes ill for presumptive Republican nominee John McCain. The more time he has to spend in shoring up his core support, the less time he can devote to challenge Obama for working class votes in Pennsylvania and Ohio (two key states in the 2000 and 2004 elections). Zogby called both those elections for Bush. Could it be third time lucky? Click here to read his comments

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