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A quick look at The Tories

Only 7% of the UK population attend private school, yet 59% of the Tory front bench went to one:

David Cameron (Eton); George Osborne (St Paul's, London); Michael Gove (Robert Gordon's College, Aberdeen); David Willetts (King Edward's School, Birmingham); Andrew Lansley (Brentwood School, Essex); Theresa Villiers (Francis Holland School, London); Nick Herbert (Haileybury, Herts); Peter Ainsworth (Bradfield College, Berkshire); Jeremy Hunt (Charterhouse); Francis Maude (Abingdon); Theresa May (refused to disclose her educational background); Alan Duncan (Merchant Taylor's School, Northwood); Owen Paterson (Radley College, Oxford); Cheryl Gillan (Cheltenham Ladies' College); Andrew Mitchell (Rugby); Oliver Letwin (Eton); Cheryl Gillan (Cheltenham Ladies' College); Andrew Mitchell (Rugby)

Cameron is trying the change The Conservative Party.You decide whether Cameron is succeeding.

For more on this issue, visit The Guardian's fabulous article "Networked from Birth".

The game is up

In defeat, some hope