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Swear words

Lord Goldsmith has made a preposterous suggestion: British School children should swear allegiance to the Queen. Prime Minister Brown has hardly dismissed the idea, as if a salute or two would magic a sense of a British identity. Below are a number of alternative pledges / oaths / promises that could. Which would you agree to do?

I swear to be a good environmental steward and to pick up litter whenever I see it.

I promise to help an elderly person every week.

I swear to be open minded and welcoming towards people of other faiths and backgrounds.

I promise to go for a walk or exercise for thirty minutes twice a week .

I promise to give a little bit of money each month to a local charity and help out if I can.

I swear to take public transport whenever there is the option to do so.

I promise to buy fairly trade goods whenever I have the option to do so.

I promise to learn a foreign language and to keep in touch with a pen pal from a different country.

I pledge to write a letter to my MP every year to tell them what I think of what the government is doing, and to ask a question about politics that I want them to answer.

I swear to refuse being forced to swear allegiance to the Queen if I do not believe in the monarchy.

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