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The lunatics taking over asylum

War = refugees = more asylum seekers


More asylum seekers = more people settling in the UK

Not exactly correct.

It may come as a shock to Daily Mail readers but most people from war-torn situations are not granted asylum here. Four out of five asylum seekers from Sudan were turned down last year despite the fact the US government has described the situation in Darfur as genocide. Maybe the UK government thinks Sudanese refugees a little more robust than to succumb to a Janjaweed raid? Then again, this is the same government that has denied three-quarters of all Zimbabwean asylum seekers from remaining in the country, ignoring Mr Mugabe's brutal treatment of anyone who opposes his rule.

Refugee groups, contrary to popular opinion, are not suggesting that all asylum seekers be allowed to stay. What they do argue is that the current system is grotesquely inadequate, forcing failed applicants to either return home or live in the UK destitute with no right to work or access to support.

Refugee Action has a better idea: grant protected status for those fleeing war zones and help them return home only when the killing has stopped.

Sounds like common sense.

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