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Build that third runway, Mr Brown (but tear down that terminal)

Heathrow Terminal 5 is go. Passenger numbers will increase dramatically and without a third runway to handle the extra flights, so too will the congestion above London's skies. A pilot friend of mine recently lambasted environmentalists for picking the wrong fight. He argued that an extra runway at the world's busiest airport would cut this congestion and therefore the emissions from the circling aircraft would be drastically reduced. The focus, he insisted, should have been on the preventing the terminal getting built.

Buildings bring in extra passengers, he says, not tarmac. All an extra runway does is ensure a plane can land quicker and therefore turn off its engines faster - all good for reducing global warming. Add to this a regulation that all flights landing (the stage at which planes are at their polluting worst) should come in using only one engine, and suddenly flying is not only the safest way to travel but the greenest. This procedure is, he assured me, perfectly fine.

Maybe, just maybe, turning off an engine will put so many off flying that the problem of congestion will resolve itself.

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