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She's getting desperate

The Slate's John Dikerson socred it correctly by making Obama the clear winner of last night's MSNBC debate. Clinton kept up her petty attacks, this time on suggesting the media treats him better than her, but once again the New York Senator failed to land a knockout punch. She then ended up with egg on her face as she attacked Obama over the support he has attracted from Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan. His simple response: "I can't help it if he thinks I'm a nice guy."

Clinton is so much better when concentrating on this issues. The problem is that he is getting pretty good at that, too. Asked to justify his healthcare plan, Obama made clear that funding health insurance was more important than mandating everyone to have it. While both are surely desirable, he appeared to have a greater eye for detail than in previous encounters. As for foreign policy, Obama sounds like a breath of fresh air when compared to everyone else. It's fine to be diplomatic, to be thoughtful and cautious, and yes, to speak to bad guys from time to time. There is little evidence of his so-called naivety (Obama has suggested that Pakistan might not be up to the task of defeating Al Qaida), another false Clintonite charge.

This writer lent towards Clinton at the start of the campaign, but she has done little in recent weeks to endear herself further. The sometimes nasty attacks smack of desperation. If voters in Texas or Ohio reach the same conclusion, that's it for Hilary.

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