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How to win big in Texas

Some argue that Clinton blew her chance in her debate with Barack Obama last night. They just simply agreed on too much, save for her petty comments on the Illinois Senator’s alleged plagiarising of a few lines a recent speech. On Iraq, Obama has greater moral authority given his consistent opposition to the war and his so-called naivety on talking to rogue states comes as a refreshing change of course, especially now that Castro has resigned.

Others contend that in her closing remarks Clinton found herself connecting like she did in New Hampshire (those tears seem an awfully long time ago). And on healthcare, there’s little doubting Hilary’s plan is far more comprehensive and, according to Krugman in The New York Times, not much more expensive. It could and should be a vote winner.

Yet the reality is that both candidates missed an opportunity to connect on the major issue concerning Texans, whose votes could decide the eventual Democratic Party nominee. On Immigration, both sounded like McCain, offering illegal immigrants the path to citizenship should they come forward and pay a fine. Who on earth will surrender thousands of dollars that they can ill afford? Hispanic voters in this region know that this is a stupid plan - many of whom were illegal immigrants once. If the Democrats are supposed to be the agents of change, why the timid response to immigration?

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