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What’s wrong with Obama

The exciting prospect of a first female president is surpassed only by the idea that a black man with a Muslim-sounding name could become leader of the free world. For that reason alone, many Democratic hearts say Obama. There’s no doubt his charisma would herald a much-needed shift from drab Bushism, and his boldness diplomatically (he said he will speak to Iran) shall be a welcome rebuke to the act now-think-later policy of the neo-cons.

Yet Obama is no radical. Clinton’s healthcare plan would cover all Americans, while Obama’s would cover just some. Granted, Clinton can come across and cold and calculating yet she has rarely wavered on the big issues. On abortion, that most divisive of issues in US politics, she has planted both feet in the liberal camp. Her plan for Iraq seems realistic – a phased withdrawal rather than immediate - and there’s no doubting that experience counts.

Bush was on holiday for most of his first year in office while Bill Clinton grappled unsuccessfully with healthcare reform. With choppy economic waters ahead, an unpredictable Iran and a nuclear Pakistan in turmoil, can the world wait for an untested politician to get to grips with running the White House?

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