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Reasonable people

It appears that straight talkers are doing well in this contest. McCain reckons he won New Hampshire because he supposedly went there to “tell the truth”. Romney’s flip-flopping, meanwhile, has given way to promises of “bringing Michigan back”. The candidate has zeroed in on Reaganism, which helped propel him to victory in Nevada. And then there’s Clinton. All her troubles began when she couldn’t give a straight answer on immigration. Yet her comeback started not as tears filled her eyes, but when she made a stand on policy. For example, Clinton has rightly criticised the system of caucusing – a method used by a sizeable minority of states to select presidential candidates – even though she has fared pretty well from them so far.

Perhaps, with the prospect of recession looming, voters are looking for candidates who are prepared to take a stand. Granted, such straight-talking has its hazards. Huckabee’s star is waning after linking homosexuality with bestiality, while McCain stumbled when he told Michigan voters that their jobs were gone for good. Maybe voters are not only looking for candidates with plans, but also for those with plans which seem reasonable, and that address their problems not with talk of god but with something more tangible. There can be no better rejection of Bushism.

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