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Fight for what you belieive in, Mr Brown

The polls look bad for Labour after Gordon Brown’s dithering. Yet when the government focused on policy in the summer, the same polls looked far rosier. This indicates two things:

One is that Brown now knows what he needs to focus on. He must come up with novel ideas of how to the country (lowering the voting age was one such idea he mooted in the summer) instead of knee jerk reactions to Tory policies (could he not have stood his ground on inheritance tax, at least for 24 hours?).

Yet there is something else the polls indicate – the mess that the Tories are in. They only do well when Labour cock up (what the prime minister would give to avoid his silly visit to Iraq announcing troop reductions that have already been announced). That the press jumped on the Conservative’s inheritance tax policy was partly as a result of it being a policy at all. All Cameron could throw at the dispatch box last week were nasty insults and accusations of dithering on the part of the prime minister. But when the dust settles, what else will / can The Conservatives throw?

The Economist last week presented Brown as the emperor without any clothes. The truth is that it is the Tory leader who wears little, and in doing so has little chance of becoming emperor. So long as Brown stops trying to copy him and fights for what he believes in.

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