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A tryst with tyranny

If the British represented tyranny, why did so many slaves fight on their side in the American war of independence? If the US really held certain truths dear such as the right to life, it would surely follow that land would not have been taken from the natives. If the British were the oppressors, they would have condoned the rape and extermination of indigenous American tribes, not restricted it. These are just some of the corrections Robert Harvey makes period in his book A Few Bloody Noses.

According to a colleague, Chris Horner, the American view of this period is wholly distorted. The Boston massacre, for example, was more of a scuffle than an atrocity. The taxes levied, supposedly without representation, were in fact agreed beforehand and intended to pay for a war in which the thirteen colonies were protected from the threat of a French invasion. Wasn’t it only fair that they be asked to pay for that protection?

Rather than being ousted from the continent, Britain instead withdrew, feeling the heat of public opinion back home and the ominous prospect of facing war with seven other powers. To cap it all off, the hero of the hour George Washington took a keen interest in ensuring the freed slaves on departing British ships were returned to their masters, a request that “tyrannical” Britain refused.

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