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Do as we say and not as we do

How do you know if someone’s cheating? They tend to be politicians who tell everyone to stop it. Those moral majority types like Senator Craig of Idaho that stand up for marriage yet get caught in toilets by undercover cops. Those back-to-basics advocates ala John Major, calling for a return to family values while having their way with another politician, or in the case of Senator Ritter, a DC madam.

As pointed out in the weekend’s newspapers, two things are worrying about this. The first is obviously the hypocrisy. Those in glass houses should not be, in the case of Cameron’s Tories, withdrawing child benefit for lone parents. Not all of these mothers have got themselves pregnant to milk the state – many have left abusive relationships and have a job. Why should they have less money to spend on school books than a married couple with two incomes, who also receive the benefit? If all of Cameron’s Conservatives stayed divorce free, perhaps they could claim the moral high ground, but they can’t. A classic case of do as I say (and get paid for it) not as I do (and don't).

The Republican scandals across the water are even more repugnant. Craig’s resignation is justified given he campaigned vigorously against gay marriage, yet why are police forces spending all their time chasing homosexuals? They generally tend not to be terrorists. And isn't the conduct of prostitute-visiting Senator Vitter also a stepping down offence? What of the other Republican financial scandals which claimed so few scalps?

Idaho’s Republican governor will simply replace Craig with a candidate from the same party whereas Maryland’s would likely replace Vitter with a Democrat. This is to understand the actions of Republican leadership, not to excuse it. Bribery good, they appear to suggest. Homosexual, bad.

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