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The case for violence

Gandhi is often upheld as a peaceful protestor, which he was. He went on hunger strike as communal rioting ripped India apart. But what commentators failed to note is that Gandhi was not against violence on principle. He felt that, in the particular case of India, independence would be achieved more quickly through non-cooperation rather than terrorism. In South Africa, however, legal means of protest were closed to those against Apartheid – blacks were arrested for driving without identification, beaten and thrown in jail for peaceful protest. If Mandela resorted to violence, it is because the state gave him no choice.

Likewise, who could blame the Burmese if they were to pick up weapons against the military junta? The path of peaceful protest has been perpetually blocked by an army that has ruled with an iron fist since 1988. They shoot even monks, arguably the most serene of demonstrators. Instead of calling in vein for the junta to stop, Western countries should consider supporting insurgency. Many may baulk at such a suggestion, but consider the fact that EU countries – including the UK – have already sent arms to Burma… albeit to the wrong side.


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