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Where to build a Mosque

If Americans hate Muslims so much, why don’t they ban headscarves? The Economist this week challenges the assumption of US hostility towards Islam, surmising that the land of the free is fairer to Muslims than Europe is.

For starters, it's easier to build a mosque. “In the United States, mosque projects often meet practical objections, to do with “zoning”, water supplies or parking, but they are usually overcome, helped by a legal system that protects all faiths.” The US constitution explicitly states that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof...” All this sounds like a good day at the office for the mosque builders.

In Rome, however, planning permission was withdrawn at the last minute for a mosque situated close (perhaps too close?) to a church. Meanwhile, in the UK, a recent petition opposing the building of a mega mosque received 281,000 signatures on prime minister Gordon Brown’s website.

Take a look at the graphic below.

If the US dislikes Islam as so often it is claimed, why, after 9/11, do most Americans say Muslims pose no threat to national security, while many more in the UK, Spain, Germany and Italy say they do?

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