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The lamest of ducks

That George W Bush is unpopular hardly counts as news. That he is truly unique does. Most presidents are written off two years before their term ends. Clinton was embroiled in the Lewisnki scandal, Reagan the Iran-contra affair. Yet these two presidents went on to leave office as two of the most popular US presidents. The former due to a booming economy and attempts, albeit unsuccessful, to secure peace in the Middle East, and the latter in signing arms reduction treaties with Gorbachev. Both leaders learnt to cross the aisle and work with a potentially hostile Congress. Yet Bush shows no sign of doing so. As Robin Toner writes in The New York Times, “Mr. Bush, by temperament, governing style and political design, is a polarizing president like no other.”

Despite loosing his coterie of Texans that followed him to his White House – Karl Rove and Alberto Gonzales really are the last of the bunch to resign – there appears little shift in strategy on Iraq or on domestic policy. Perhaps it is not having these characters near him, telling him just how isolated he is, that leads to the president’s own failure in seeing it.

Bush is currently fighting against proposals that would cover the cost of healthcare insurance for every American child. Why is this president unique? He stands to leave office as one of the most unpopular holders of the office in history and, by opposing sensible policies such as these, is continuing to dig his own grave.

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