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The high cost of low value

A record 48% of students in private schools achieved A grades at A level in 2007, compared to 19% in English and Welsh state schools. Predictably, the press have had a field day, concluding private school good, state school bad. Crude figures such as these serve only to exacerbate middle class anxiety while Eton et al laugh all the way to the bank, armed also with charitable status and all the tax breaks this brings. It’s amazing what you can get by letting out your Olympic-sized swimming pool.

A better indicator of success is the value added results. These take into account the social background of a school’s intake, and compare what students are expected to get with what they eventually achieve. They ask two questions of families considering sending their children to fee-paying schools:

1) Is it really that difficult for private schools to get As out of A grade students?
2) Is teaching better in these institutions or in those state schools where students end up punching above their weight?

If no is the answer to both, then surely the next question should be... in that case, are private schools really worth it?

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