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The undeserts

Britain is no meritocracy and the Labour government shouldn't try to make it one, argues Chris Horner, a friend and colleague of mine, in his brilliant article for Think. Equality of opportunity, thought to be the cornerstone of a meritocratic society, still leads to winners and losers, he argues - "The fastest win the prizes."

If one thinks of merit as meaning "deservingness", then why is it that a nurse gets paid a lot less than a city banker? Both may work equally as hard, yet the pay gap couldn't be wider. It is also clear that rewards are often wholly unjustified. "In 2001 Britain’s top executives received an average 28% pay increase (six times the national average) although profits fell by 11.5 %."

Recent reports show Britain ranks amongst the lowest in the developed world for social mobility, which reinforces Horner's point that "In practice, the best way to ensure a good income is still to get oneself born into the family of a high earner. If New Labour really wants a fairer Britain it must go beyond the rhetoric of ‘meritocracy’ and start tackling structural inequalities. Or ‘class’, as we used to call it." A reappraisal of school admissions policy would be one way to do it.

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