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10 Reasons why America is better than Britain

1) Politicians are loyal to their constituents: It would be virtually unheard of for a member of Congress to leave the country when their constituents were facing severe flooding. The culture of "bringing home the bacon" and of satisfying the "folks back home" is obviously lost on David Cameron.

2) Open government: Members of Parliament have exempted themselves from the Freedom of Information Act - so much for knowing what your local representatives is up to. In the US, members of Congress are subject to much more stringent rules of disclosure.

3) Term limits: Blair and Thatcher carried on and on despite their unpopularity. Bush, fortunately, has no such luxury, and must step down in 2009.

4) Separation of church and state: America may well be the most churched society on earth, but the US system of government is firmly based on horses for courses - the mosque for prayer, the school for reading, writing and arithmetic. Granted, religious groups are wrestling for control with the secularists over teaching creationism instead of theories of evolution. But the British government has all but handed control to religious groups to run academies and take over the school curriculum. The ramifications of this policy are only just becoming apparent, with King Fahd Academy in London recently found to be using anti-Semitic text books.

5) Checks and balances: The president is more effectively held to account by Congress than the British prime minister is by Parliament. Congressional committees have rejected Bush's appointments and have grilled the ones he has made. Take the recent scandal involving Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, under fire for sacking liberal prosecutors who criticised various aspects of administration policy. Parliament, however, is lucky if ministers show up at all for select committee hearings. Special, investigations have revealed the US administration's failings pre- and post-911. All the UK got after Iraq was the whitewash that was the Hutton report.

6) Real local government: Former New York mayor Giuliani was able, for better or worse, to make lasting changes to that once crime-ridden city. Save for introducing the congestion charge and playing musical statues in Trafalgar Square, Ken Livingstone's position is largely toothless.

7) National Parks: While Britain presses ahead with its plan to build three million homes in addition to those irresponsibly built on the flood plains, America has protected its greatest ecological treasures from the development cranes. Yosemite and Yellowstone will be there for the next generation to marvel at - will the greenbelt?

8) Progressive ideas: From Roosevelt's New Deal through to Clinton's Sure Start, Britain has often copied American initiatives to help the urban poor. The minimum wage was not a New Labour innovation.

9) An elected second chamber: Britain sill places its trust in an unelected, antiquated House of Lords to provide the major check on executive power. It raises the question of how far Britain's system of government can ever be called legitimate.

10) And just for good measure, customer service: Oh for a London bus driver to utter the words "Have a nice day." It sure beats being told to get off for lack of change.

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