Welcome to my blog. My A Level politics teacher once told me that everything is politics, including the chair we sit on. He was correct of course. I started out as a keen student, and worked for Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur as an intern in Washington, DC. I also worked as a researcher in Westminster to Yvette Cooper MP, before I graduated from Leeds University and got a real job:  a staff writer for the now shuttered World Link, the magazine of the World Economic Forum. The small team of wonderful journalists were truly inspiring and opened my eyes to what was possible, particularly with an exciting aspect of the Internet... the "weblog". After a few years coasting in the European Commission's London office and passing the time experimenting with my own "Digest de Souza", I had what some might refer to as an epiphany moment and decided that teaching was the career for me. Here I am now, many years later, teaching A level students that, indeed, everything is politics. Although in my spare time I have grown an unhealthy appetite for Apple products, and have never stopped wondering whether, in actual fact, everything is not politics, but football. Oh, and history. History is good. 

This blog is a reflection and culmination of all of my hobbies, with some specific tips and advice for A Level Politics students thrown in for good measure. The views expressed are my own, although I am often heavily influenced by my son, daughter, and beautiful wife.


Nick de Souza